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Goal Setting Paradox — Dilemma Even

In my prior career as a teacher and coach, I worked. I got into the daily and weekly and seasonal grind and just did. I didn’t overtly set goals. I simply looked at what had to be done and set my mind to do it. I treated students, student-athletes, and[…]

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Two Things Well

I’m always finding similarities between my current and past professions, as well as use for lessons learned before.  So there is this: I came away from an athletics coaching clinic years (even decades) ago with this truth:  Young athletes can do two things well at any given time, and, admonished[…]

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Arts Flourishing In Thread City

The Connecticut municipality of Windham is comprised of three rural villages and one urban-suburban town, and as if it weren’t confusing enough, one of the villages is Windham (where the original European settlers settled in 1692). The other two villages are South Windham and, you can guess, North Windham. Willimantic[…]

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Being A Leader Versus “Just A Broker”

Age does not automatically equate with wisdom, I believe, so I have spent the better part of my life culling wisdom from many sources, including younger or less experienced people. When I was a teacher, I learned from my student teachers. When I was an athletics coach, I learned from[…]

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Hampton: In Touch With The Past With A Rural Present

In 1786, the town of Hampton was incorporated, shortly after the American colonies had defeated the British in the Revolutionary War and a couple of years before the first president of the United States of America was elected.  According to historical records, the town borders formed around what were parts[…]

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First-Time Buyers: Excitement And Energy

Two provocations for this post: A company theme about building business and a personal prod in response to a LinkedIn post. Century 21 AllPoints, as a company theme, encourages agents to prospect for listings, something that “The Sports Guy” is not particularly keen on. A friend, Josh Fletcher, in response[…]

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Independent Agency Versus Franchise

I was affiliated with a large franchise for about a day (really a month) when the independent I worked for sold.  However, my entire seven years as a real estate salesperson has been as an agent in independent brokerages, ranging in size from 48 to four agents.  I’ve often reflected[…]

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A Tale of Two Transactions: A Sprint and A Marathon

Buyers – and sellers – need to know that real estate transactions can be like a 400 meter sprint or more like the Boston Marathon. I experienced two such transactions recently, and while reaching the end of each was markedly different, in both cases the finishes were exhilarating. One, a[…]

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