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The Infectious Nature Of Yout’

I started late in both of my careers (education and realty), so I’ve always been associated with younger people. While some would glance askance at the “youngsters,” I always sought to both mentor and learn from my less aged colleagues. Now that I truly am a senior, without quite the[…]

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DIY Garage Willimantic

Such a thing may exist in other places, but in my travels (including through all 169 of Connecticut’s municipal entities) I’ve never seen one: A do-it-yourselfers auto repair shop. But there it is, on Main Street in Willimantic (Windham). Now, I am no do-it-yourselfer in anything, but I can still[…]

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Gen Z Counter-Opinion Re: Home Buying

I’ve seen several articles recently that make sweeping generalities about an entire generation, and the biggest (and for us real estate agents most hopeful) generality is that soon they will explode onto the home buying market. For the sake of my bank account (and future possible retirement), I hope this[…]

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Bousquet’s Appliances And Electronics In Thread City

A long-time presence in the farther eastern towns of Putnam (originally) and Killingly (Danielson), Bousquet’s Appliances recently opened in Willimantic (aka Thread City). The day I stopped by, I spoke with Eric (and also was offered and gladly accepted a bottle of water). He explained that Steve Bousquet, the original[…]

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Retiring In Connecticut

I made the decision to stay home — bad for real estate sales, right, since I would be neither a buyer nor a seller — for my retirement years. The decision was made neither lightly, frivolously, nor rapidly, but rather evolved over a period of years, actually. Some of the[…]

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Live & Recorded Music: Willimantic Records

Willimantic Records recently (02/09/19) celebrated its 7th anniversary with an afternoon of live music and specials all day. One of Thread City’s quirky and special businesses, Willimantic Records sells used c.d.’s, tapes, music instruments, random audio equipment, and books, but specializes in vinyl. In the current location on Bridge Street[…]

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Back At It — Been A While

Distractions. They’ll get you every time. Check that. They’ll get me every time. And so the focus must be constant, the pressure must be relentless, and the self-motivation must be present. Real estate work has for me been a side note, and that is not what I want it to[…]

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Goal Setting Paradox — Dilemma Even

In my prior career as a teacher and coach, I worked. I got into the daily and weekly and seasonal grind and just did. I didn’t overtly set goals. I simply looked at what had to be done and set my mind to do it. I treated students, student-athletes, and[…]

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