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In Connecticut all real estate sales practitioners, like many professionals who deal with consumers, must be licensed by the State Department of Consumer Protection.  In addition, all aspects of a real estate transaction must be contracted to be legally binding.  Contracts are designed to protect the consumers, both buyers and sellers of real estate.

Real estate salespersons (agents) in Connecticut therefore can be either selling (called listing) agents or buyer agents.  Real estate agents in Connecticut can also serve as dual agents on the same transaction as long as notice is given to both parties and both parties agree.  Real estate agents can also work with rentals, again, for either potential tenants or with landlords.

Most residential real estate agents are well versed in working with both buyers and sellers, but what they do in each type of transaction is quite different.

A listing agent is working for the seller of property and therefore wants the seller to present the property in the best and most honest manner possible.  A listing agent will ultimately be marketing the property on the Multiple Listing Service and then on several websites.  So the first step in listing a property for sale is to make it presentable and desirable for electronic viewing.  Pictures of the property must be attractive and professional.  As well as being enticing, verbal descriptions must be honest and well-written.  Descriptions must also respect the state law about being fair to all potential buyers, and that respect for the law should also be a part of any agent’s moral fabric.

Besides marketing the property electronically, a listing agent will advise the seller about the best way to make the property presentable to a live visitor.  A powerful human sense is olfactory, and nothing turns a potential buyer away more quickly than a property that stinks.  (No wonder, then, that so many open houses offer fresh baked cookies.)  However, aside from addressing odors, the seller needs to prepare the property in such a manner that the buyers can see their things, their possessions, their touch on the property:  Clean counters, clear walls, unadorned refrigerators.  Obviously, especially families with younger children, the difficulty of getting a house completely in order can be a rush and a challenge, but sellers need to be mindful that buyers need to be able to picture the property as their own.

A listing agent should have a marketing plan for the property and the seller, with guidelines and timelines.  All these ideas are aids in helping the seller of property achieve his or her goal, a fair sale for a fair price.

For more information about listing a property for sale, please contact Peter Leeds, who will provide additional details to help you achieve your real estate goal.

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